What’s Included

Our luxury short-term housing offerings include secluded homes, country estates, lake houses, penthouse apartments and luxury condos. In addition, every LUXE stay includes the following standard amenities:

Luxury Corporate Housing Nashville TN

LUXE Standard Amenities

  • All utilities
  • Twice monthly cleaning service
  • New, luxurious sheets and towels
  • Weekly dry cleaning delivery available
  • WIFI/HD cable
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Maintenance free

LUXE Custom Amenities

All of our luxury short-term housing and executive rentals in Greater Nashville come with the LUXE standard list of amenities. However, at LUXE, our goal is to exceed your expectations and to provide an unparalleled experience. From dinner reservations to specialty wines and spirits, just let us know what you need. Our custom services are designed to fulfill your special request. For more info on LUXE Custom contact us.

One Convenient Monthly Invoice

All LUXE accommodations and services are billed in one convenient monthly invoice. For the LUXE client, the combination of having all your needs met by a single point-of-contact with one monthly payment is ideal. *Please note: If you have special requests not within our suite of LUXE standard amenities, we are happy to price your request(s) prior to your stay.

*Surcharges will apply